Our 3% Philosophy

Our 3% Philosophy.

Many individuals, groups, and corporations face challenges with finding top talent. It is difficult to find not just talented candidates, but appropriate candidates who are reliable, committed, and skilled to achieve the task necessary. Talentapestry’s platform and our 3% philosophy for hiring elite independent talent fills this gap.

Talentapestry believes in that great value can be created when the right minds connect. This is why we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best minds to be featured on our platform, which sets us aside from run-of-the-mill freelancing sites. We are experts in our domains, and we look for the best problem solvers with passion, trustworthinesss, and drive — the types of people we want to work with ourselves. Of the hundreds of applications that Talentapestry receives each month, on average fewer than 3% are accepted.


Our Selection Process.

1) Candidate’s Background. Our first step in our comprehensive screening process is an evaluation of the candidate’s credentials, including the candidate’s level of education, past experience, and relevant accolades.

2) In-Depth Skill Review. Unlike other freelance websites that simply requires an authentication of email for candidates to register, Talentapestry goes into an in-depth skill review of our candidates, which includes conducting interviews with the candidate, and assessing the candidate’s written work. We may also require the candidate to undertake certain tests to assess their linguistic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

3) Maintenance of Excellence. Accepted candidates are held to a continuing standard of excellence in both their work and their communication with clients. Talentapestry does not tolerate sub-par work or poor communication for any reason. In this regard, Talentapestry continuously monitors the performance of accepted candidates.

4)The Top 3%. Everyone on Talentapestry has a proven track record and experience. There are talents who are the top in reputable universities, holders of prestigious scholarships, award-winning academic writers, and more. Most importantly, everyone here is committed to providing reliable and high-quality service.