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Puff pastry pie crust. Fold the edges of the pastry under itself to fit the pie plate this doubled edge makes for a nicer looking crust. The crust is even awesome. The ultimate chicken pot pie a light and flaky puff pastry crust is what makes this pot pie the ultimate. Maybe you have no idea which square is pie dough and which one is puff pastry in the picture below most people wouldnt.

Absolutely the best tasting chicken pot pie i ever made. I have seen recipes using puff. Bake for 25 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown. Wondering how to how to use puff pastry like a pro.

Since puff pastry can be tricky to prepare this version of angelas pie uses a high quality store bought puff pastry. The question of the difference between puff pastry and pie crust seems like a really good one when you compare the raw pie dough against the raw puff pastry dough. Puff pastry chicken potpie. Its a great way to turn leftover chicken and veggies into a whole new and delicious dish.

Read the should i use pie dough or puff pastry for the crust on pot pie. Puff pastry vs pie crust the difference between puff pastry and pie crust. Discussion from the chowhound home cooking chicken food community. When my wife is craving comfort food i whip up my chicken potpie.

Just follow my tips and you can make this easy chicken pot pie tonight. If you dont want the pastry to puff so dramatically prick the dough all over with a fork just like docking a pie crust. If youre blind baking a pie or tart shell and want to keep the inside from rising as much as the edges use a fork to. Using a fork crimp the edge of the pastry to the edge of the pie plate or you can flute the pastry edge with your fingers.

After baking the pastry will be cracker thin and shatteringly crisp. Its easy to make sticks to your ribs and delivers soul satisfying flavor. Bake the pie for 30 minutes until the crust is lightly golden. A fragrant and savory chicken pot pie with puff pastry crust that is healthy to eat and delicious toothe puff pastry top crust is crunchy buttery and far fewer calories than a traditional pie crust.

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