Puff Pastry Quiche Bacon

A classic quiche lorraine with a gorgeous smooth filling loaded with bacon.

Puff pastry quiche bacon. Store bought frozen puff pastry is a lifesaver any time of year but especially as we move into the busy holiday season. Im definitely in the food gypsy camp. Spray 2 regular muffin tins with non stick coconut spray. Puff pastry for quiche crust.

This puff pastry pancetta asparagus quiche is filled with chopped pancetta or bacon asparagus and swiss cheese. This delicious bacon and zucchini quiche recipe is courtesy of elisabeth prueitt. Fit dough into a 2 inch deep dish tart pan with a removable bottom gently pressing it into the. I use the main ingredients for whatever filling flavorings i want to use.

I do add more eggs but even then its a little lower in fat. Cut pie crust to fit bottom of muffin tin using a regular water glass. With a package or two stashed in the freezer i know a quick apple tart for visiting guests or plate of mini quiche appetizers for a potluck is only a few steps away and the empty crumb filled plates at the end of the night speak for themselves. In all times and places the grade of the ingredients depends upon the economic status of the cook.

The perfect breakfast lunch or dinner recipe idea. One of the best quiche combinations you will ever taste. Anything quiche and. At one point in my cooking journey i was on a quiche fad.

Tasty kitchen brie bacon quiche recipe source. Im never 1 to stick to a simple recipe while this was my 1st quiche in over 20 years as egg absorbs flavors all too well id used less onion 6 cippoline baby italian onions fontina cheese diced pancetta in place of bacon a tiny pinch of garlic powder white pepper celery salt crushed celery flakes italian seasonings after baking for 15 minutes. Place pie dough pieces in bottom of each muffin tin space. Gently laid 3 slices of.

Pie crust in its most basic definition pie crust is a simple mix of flour and water. With a dry pastry brush sweep off any excess flour. On a lightly floured work surface roll dough into a 16 inch round. Herb quiche whisk 4 eggs with 34 cup each creme fraiche and heavy cream 14 cup chopped mixed herbs parsley tarragon and chives 12 teaspoon salt and a pinch of cayenneroll out 1 puff.

Puff pastry bunpowerful move. How to make mini brie and bacon quiche step by step.

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