For Freelance Writers

Simple, Flexible, and Rewarding.

Talentapestry provides freelance writers a simple and fuss-free environment to find new clients, develop client networks, and grow your freelance writing business. We are looking for dedicated and talented freelance writers in the following skill-sets

  • Research Writing
  • Proof-reading
  • Copywriting
  • Editing (for language, grammar, citations etc.)
  • Draft Writing
  • Blog & Article Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing

Complete your profile now and engage in our 4-step process to get hired and paid in a heartbeart:

1) Find rewarding projects and connect with clients. On Talentapestry, you run your own freelance writing business and choose your own clients and projects. Search for jobs requests such as academic writing, proof-reading, and more on our search page and connect with clients to offer your writing expertise.

2) Advertise your expertise and services. Using our unique streamline shop feature, you can create your own products (such as researching writing and editing) and advertise them. Clients can search for your freelance writing services and order them directly from you.

3) Get paid reliably. Once agreement between you and the client is reached, the client pays for the value of the work. Talentapestry will hold on to the payment in a secure fund, and release it to you once the client receives and indicates satisfaction. Your shop page will display your earning reports so you can keep track of your work and profits.

4) Service fees for freelancers. Transparency and simplicity in pricing is important for Talentapestry. Hence, Talentapestry chargers freelance writers a flat fee of 10% for any work done for a specific client. No additional charges are imposed.